Mount Athos
The Holy Mountain

Day 0 - Getting to the Holy Mountain
Today was supposed to have started waking up in a Thessaloniki hotel, but in fact the afternoon flight was cancelled, and we were put on a midnight flight to Athens, and then an early morning flight to Thessaloniki. So we were an hour or two behind schedule, and rather short of sleep. We had time to visit the excellent museum, with a stunning display of gold artifacts from ancient Macedon. Then by bus to Ouranoplis, which takes 3 hours or so. It is very surprising how green and wooded this part of northern Greece is - for people used to the baked earth of the lands further south, this is very welcome!

(Right) The offices of Doucas Tours, who were very helpful in our trip.

Breakfast in the main square on the seafront

Thessaloniki museum - gold robe clasps

Gold necklace

Beaten gold ornaments

The road to Ouranopolis

The coach stopped for 5 minutes at the halfway point

One of a number of good beaches near OUranopolis

Dinner overlooking the harbour

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